Edamame (Soy Bean Pods)4.5
Served hot in the shell with a sprinkle of sea salt
Agedashi Tofu5
Tempura tofu topped with bonita fish flakes and green onion
Peters Gyoza5pc 7 / 8pc 10
Hand made Japanese pot stickers with beef, pork, cabbage, onion, & spices pan seared.
Baked Mussels8.5
Six large green mussels, on the half shell topped with green onion aioli sauce and baked golden brown
Whole Soft Shell Crab10.5
Fried to a golden brown and served with our ponzu sauce
Onion Rings7
Hand breaded to order and topped with wasabi mayo & honey garlic sauce
Karaage Wings8
Chicken wings breaded and fried then tossed in a honey-chili sauce with green onions
Vegetable Tempura Assortment8
Selection of seasonal vegetables
Add Prawns2 each
Fried calamari rings hand breaded and topped with our wasabi mayo & honey garlic sauce
Your choice of raw fish over thinly sliced vegetables with a spicy sake based sauce
Red Snapper (Tai) Usuzukuri14
10 pieces of thinly sliced snapper served with a Ponzu ginger dipping sauce
Albacore Tuna Tataki13
Seared outside, raw inside, served thinly sliced over slivered onions topped with Ponzu sauce


House green saladSmall 5 Large 8
Organic mixed greens served with our ginger dressing
Wakame salad5
Wakame seaweed and cucumbers with Sunomono & Ponzu sauce Kaisou
Seaweed Salad7
Seaweed salad marinated in sesame oil and soy sauce
Sunomono Salad8
Wakame seaweed, cucumbers and your choice of Dungeness Crab, Octopus or Shrimp with Tosatsu Ponzu dressing
Tori chicken salad12
Organic spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, crispy rice noodles and chicken tossed in a sesame vinaigrette
Sashimi Salad16
Organic spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded daikon And assorted sashimi tossed in a house dressing


Miso Soup2
Peter’s Classic miso soup
Tempura Udon / Soba16
Shrimp and Vegetable tempura served with a soup Udon Broth and a choice of noodles
Japanese egg noodle soup made to order with a combination of seafood , pork, and vegetables
Nabeyaki Udon18
Traditional soup of seafood, egg, & Udon noodles cooked and served in a Hot Pot
Sukiyaki(limited availability each day)
Vegetables, tofu, Shiitake mushrooms and your choice of meat slow cooked in a slightly sweet broth and served in a hot pot
Vegetable 15 Chicken 17 Pork 18 Beef 19

Donburi (rice bowls)

Gin Dara Don18
Grilled Black Cod in soy sauce & mirin - a longtime customer favorite!
Tonkatsu Don16
Crispy fried pork loin with vegetables and egg in a sweet sauce
Unagi DonMarket
Broiled freshwater eel (Unagi) with tamago and Kabayaki sauce
Tempura Don14
Tempura prawns and vegetables
Teriyaki Chicken14
Chicken stir-fried with onions and Shiitake mushrooms
Yasai Don14
Vegetables and tofu with spicy chili-miso sauce

Sushi Entrees

Chef’s choice sashimi plate
Chef’s Choice Sushi/Sashimi Combo29
Chef’s choice combination of sushi, sashimi, and thin roll
Ichikawa Combo25
Ahi Tuna sashimi, Salmon sushi, PT Maki roll and eel sushi
Omakase (when available)35
Chef’s best speciality cuts of the day, available sushi or sashimi
Chef’s choice cuts served over a bed of sushi rice
Karashi Chirashi19
Chef’s choice cuts mixed in a spicy sauce with lettuce and sushi rice
Sashimi & Assorted Tempura Combo24
Chef’s choice sashimi with assorted vegetable and shrimp tempura

Thin Rolls (6pc)

Kappa (cucumber)4
Avocado (avocado)4.5
Kampyo (pickled gourd)4.5
Natto (fermented soybeans)5
Sake (raw salmon)5.5
Tekka (raw Ahi tuna)6

Hand Rolls

Gin Dara7.5
Tempura black cod drizzled with eel sauce
Dungeness Crab8
Dungeness crab salad and cucumber
Seared Ahi Tuna7
Seared Ahi and cucumber with eel sauce
Negi Hama7
Minced raw hamachi & green onion
Raw scallops, avocado & tobikko
Sake Kawa7
Broiled salmon skin, cucumber & Burdock root
Kara Hotate7
Spicy raw scallops and cucumber
Karashi Maguro7
Spicy raw Ahi tuna and cucumber
Una Kyu EelMarket
Broiled fresh water Eel and cucumber

Large Rolls

Tempura anago, tempura asparagus & tamago
Raw scallops, avocado, surimi & tobikko
Tempura softshell crab, surimi, tobikko, cucumber & sprouts
Futomaki Roll8
Tamago, kampyo, sweet bonita flakes, Shiitake & cucumber

Medium Rolls (8 pc)

PT Maki11
Raw salmon, Albacore tuna, cucumber, avocado & tobikko
Karashi Maguro10.5
Spicy raw Ahi tuna and cucumber
Tetsuna (Seventh Heaven)13.5
Raw salmon, hamachi & Ahi layered on a California Roll
Bin Cho Ten12
*Tempura Albacore tuna, wrapped warm with surimi and topped
*Surimi, avocado, tobikko & cucumber
Cucumber, daikon, Burdock root. avocado & Mountain potato
Avocado, kampyo, cucumber, and green onion
Gin Dara12
Tempura marinated black cod, drizzled with eel sauce
Sake Kawa8.5
Broiled salmon skin, cucumber & burdock root
Dungeness Crab12
Dungeness Crab salad with tobikko & cucumber
*Tempura prawn & surimi brushed with eel sauce
Shake Maki10
Raw salmon, cucumber & scallions
Una TenMarket
*Two large tempura shrimp wrapped warm with surimi and topped
with broiled fresh water eel
Una Kyu Eel RollMarket
Grilled fresh water eel, cucumber & scallions brushed with eel sauce


Sapporo, Asahi Dry, Kirin Ichiban ( 12 oz.)5
Sapporo, Asahi Dry, Kirin Ichiban ( 20 - 22oz.)8
PT Amber, Golden, or Hop Diggity IPA ( 22 oz.)7
Bud, Bud Light3
Clausthaler (non-alcoholic)3

White Wines

Glass / Bottle
Clos du Bois (CA) Chardonnay5 / 18
Foreplay Chardonnay (OR)- / 22
McManis Viognier (CA)6 / 20
Thurston Wolf PGV (WA)- / 28
Naked Pinot Grigio (OR)- / 22
Nicola’s Red Mark Riesling (WA)6 / 24

Red Wines

Glass / Bottle
Ridge Crest Cabernet (WA)6 / 20
Thurston Wolfe The Teacher Cabernet (WA)- / 42
Seven Falls Merlot (WA)6 / 22
14 Hands Merlot (WA)- / 27
Hinman Vinyards Pinot Noir (OR)6 / 26
Notebook RedBlend (WA)- / 23

Local Finnriver Hard Cider

Forest Ginger A full bodied cider with a mildly spicy finish
Pear A delightful blend of harvest sweetness and full body
Black Currant A refreshing berry flavor with a tar finish

Other Beverages

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite1.5
Weinhard’s Root Beer or Vanilla Cream2.5
Reed’s Ginger Brew2.5
Pellegrino Water2.5
Hot or Iced Green Tea, Hot Brown Rice Tea1.5