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  “Food was superb, service was excellent!”

Our Gaishoku Card is much more than just a Gift Card

If you have one:

   CLICK HERE to register it for your protection

   CLICK HERE to inquire about your Card's balance

   CLICK HERE to report a lost or stolen Card

   or HERE to add more funds.

If you don't have one, here's why you need to get one:

  • It's the perfect dining gift for anyone who enjoys great food - including yourself!

  • It's reusable and reloadable; you can add funds here on our website or in person - with no fees.  There is no charge to purchase a Card, and no "dormant account fee" or other hidden costs!

  • When you buy or add funds to your Gaishoku Card, you'll earn Gaishoku Points, redeemable for discounts on anything we sell!  Currently, we add 2.5% of applied funds to your Gaishoku Point balance (for example, a $100 Card purchase or recharge adds 250 Gaishoku points, worth $2.50 in discounts).

  • Funds remaining on purchased Gaishoku Cards can be used anytime; there's no minimum purchase and they never expire!

  • If you register your Card, we can look it up, so you can use it even if it's sitting at home and we can replace it (including any remaining funds) if it's ever lost or stolen.

  • It's beautiful and looks cool in your wallet, so you'll naturally be recognized as a very classy person with exquisite culinary senses.

(By the way, "Gaishoku" means "Dining Out")

The Fine Print
Your Gaishoku Card is redeemable for Ichikawa products, is not a credit card, has no implied warranties and is not refundable or redeemable for cash. Ichikawa Japanese Cuisine is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged Cards or Card funds (protect this Card as you would cash), but registered Cards and any remaining funds will be replaced with a new Card upon payment of a $3.00 processing fee. For your protection, please register your Card on our website, and report a lost/stolen Card to us promptly.  Gaishoku Point accumulation plans are subject to change at any time.


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